Make The Most Out Of Your Movers: Good Preparation Is The Key To Moving Success

Whether you are moving a small apartment or an entire house full of belongings, you can get the most out of your movers with some careful preparation. Once you sort through your belongings, deciding what to keep and what to throw away, it's important to pack each room step by step to stay organized. If you are moving your whole family, keep out any necessary items, but pack what you can from each room. As you begin packing, label each box and keep boxes from the same room close together. 

Get Your Packing Supplies Together

To stay organized while moving, it's worth the investment to purchase moving boxes, tape and markers to make packing easier. While you can get boxes for free from your grocery store, it will help to have a bunch of boxes that are all the same size. This makes storage easier, and you can clearly label your boxes with the markers. As you pack up each room, having a stack of uniform boxes in the corner will help keep clutter out of your way. Make sure you have the supplies you need to pack properly and you will be less overwhelmed with the whole task.

Label Each Box With A Room Name

When you label each box with "bathroom", "living room", "bedroom #3", this lets the movers know where each box should go when your belongings are moved from point A to point B. Otherwise, your movers, like those from Absolute Moving & Storage Inc, will end up putting stacks of boxes in your garage or living room, and you will have to move each box to the correct room once they leave. This is an easy way to streamline the moving process and gives your movers a direction in which to go.

Keep One Suitcase for Each Person in the Family

Each person in your family should have one suitcase where they keep a few changes of clothes, any necessary medications, glasses, and other important items inside. This will help avoid confusion the first night you are in your new space. If you must spend a night or two in a hotel, each of you will already be prepared to do this. The suitcase can also be a storage space for last minute items that remain until you are ready to move.

As you prepare to move, remember to take your time and don't be afraid to get rid of items you no longer use.