3 Ways Professional Movers Can Help Protect Furniture

When you go through a move, furniture pieces often become one of the toughest elements to move out of an old home and into a new one. You do not want to break legs off tables, cause cracks, or watch as drawers fly off of a piece. When you rely on professional movers, the movers have a lot of experience with large furniture pieces.

Learn some of the ways movers will protect your furniture and ensure your couches, chairs, and tables get from one place to another in the same condition they started in.

1. Leg Wraps & Corner Protection

On furniture like chairs and tables, some of the most sensitive parts include the legs. If the legs crack or snap, then the strength of the furniture can dramatically change. Movers know how to professionally wrap those areas of the furniture to provide protection. The protective wraps may also include the corners of furniture.

Without proper protection, a corner ding could damage the furniture and part of a home as well. Movers will have the proper supplies and accessories to add the extra protection.

2. Doorway Strategies

A doorway presents one of the more challenging areas to move furniture. A professional mover can measure a doorway and the furniture to determine the best way to move items inside a home. With the help of professionals, furniture will easily fit inside houses. You do not need to worry about dinging up doors or door frames.

A mover knows the best angles to move furniture in on and have a lot of gear, straps, and support to properly carry the furniture around.

3. Furniture Tools

When you invest money into a professional mover, the purchase also comes with a lot of tools to help with the move. Instead of buying your own tools, movers will have the gear and the experience to properly move the furniture around. Movers may have heavy duty dollies to easily roll large pieces of furniture.

Trucks will feature ramps and lifts to easily load furniture on. With less lifting, the furniture doesn't go through a lot of excessive placements or lifts. The extra elements help the move go smoothly and can result in furniture that remains in the condition you left it.

Contact professional movers to find out more information on big moves that involve a wide range of furniture. The movers can provide estimates and go over some of the more personalized ways they can help you move.