Tips For Moving Your Pet Grooming Business Into A Smaller Building

Maintaining your pet grooming business in today's economy may pose many challenges, especially those associated with monthly bills for utilities and building rent. If you have decided to move your grooming business into a smaller, more affordable building, taking the time to plan ahead for your relocation can help you save time and money. Follow these tips for helping you spend less time moving and setting up in your new building and spending more time with the doors open for business.

Evaluating Your New Space Limitations

If you have been used to having a lot of space for your grooming equipment, you will need to inspect the new building and figure out which pieces of equipment you will have room for and decide which pieces you can do without. For example, if you have several clients that order bathing and drying in addition to cuts, you will have no choice but to set up your dryers. If you have cage dryers for big dogs, taking the time to measure the area you want to put it is a good idea. When you know how much space your cage dryers will need, you have an easier time deciding how many standing dryers you will have room for. The same is true about your holding cages and grooming tables. If you are the only one working, you can easily get by with one grooming table. However, if you have another groomer working for you, you will need to make space for two grooming tables, so taking the time  to plan ahead is vital for saving time moving equipment and shop furnishings around after you move in.

Planning Ahead Includes Securing Storage Space

Chances are the smaller building you are moving to does not have additional storage space for the grooming equipment you will be not be using. When choosing a storage unit for your equipment, remember to select one that is affordable. If you move to smaller building because it has cheaper rent, you can end up paying out the same amount monthly charges as you were for your old location if you choose an expensive monthly storage fee. By paying less rent each month and a small fee for storage, you can still come out paying less than the cost of just your rent at your old location.

Taking steps to keep your grooming business open and profitable is important. If you are considering a move to a more affordable building, take your time looking for a smaller building. Be sure to access every space you look at for things like the electrical and water outlets you will need for using your equipment.