Preparing Your Refrigerator For A Move To A New Home

If you are planning on moving to a new home soon, you need to make preparations for each of your belongings so they do not become broken while in transit. Your refrigerator is one item you will most likely want to bring along if your new home is not already equipped with one. Here are some steps to follow when prepping your refrigerator for household movers to pick up for the ride to your new abode.

Clean Your Refrigerator In Its Entirety

Before you move your refrigerator, it should be unplugged and cleaned out thoroughly. Do these things a day or two before you plan on having it transported to your new home so you have enough time to defrost the unit completely before it is moved. Give away any refrigerated items you have not eaten or place them in coolers with dry ice if you plan on bringing them to your new home. Wipe down the interior of your refrigerator and freezer every hour or two with a dry towel to remove any moisture buildup that accumulates during the defrosting procedure. When the refrigerator is completely dry, use a household detergent to wipe down the interior walls. This will remove odorous remnants which would start to become pungent as the unit's interior temperature rises.

Remove Shelving And Package Appropriately

Each shelf inside your refrigerator should be removed and wrapped with a protective layer before moving the refrigerator. Many refrigerators have glass shelves, making it necessary to take precautions in keeping the panes intact. Add masking tape across each pane diagonally, forming a letter "X" to keep glass from shattering all over if the pane does happen to break in transit. Wrap each shelf in bubble wrap and secure it in place with packing tape. If you wish to give the shelves even more protection, wrap each bubble-wrapped piece with cardboard and use heavy-duty tape to keep it secure. The shelves can be placed inside the refrigerator or in a large box when it comes time to move them.

Protect The Refrigerator's Exterior From Scrapes

It is important to protect the outside of your refrigerator so it does not become scratched if it is bumped into other items during the move. First, secure the door with masking tape or duct tape so it remains shut during the ride. Roll up the electrical wire and secure with a rubber band so no one trips over it as they move the unit. Wrap the refrigerator with furniture blankets and keep them in place with large rubber bands or duct tape. This will give your unit a protective layer so it arrives on site without unsightly blemishes.

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