Ways To Save Money When Moving To A New State

Moving to a new and far away state can present some challenges. It might cost a bit more to move all of your things so many miles; it's a wise idea to look for some ways you can cut costs on such a move. Here are four of the ways you may be able to keep costs down when you move to a new state.  

Ask Stores for Free Boxes

As you consider all the things you'll have to pack up from your home, you might start to be concerned about how much money you'll have to spend on boxes. However, many local stores can provide you with free boxes if you contact them and ask for them. Retailers receive deliveries multiple times a week, and instead of throwing them away, they might be willing to help you out. That can lessen the amount of money you have to save on packing supplies.

Mail Some Boxes to Your New Home

Once you've got everything boxed up, you may wonder if all of your belongings will fit into one truck. You might wonder if you'll have to pay additional money to enlist the help of an additional moving truck. One way that you may be able to avoid those costs is to ship some of your boxed up items directly to your new place; you may be able to save money by shipping boxes before your move. Research various postal solutions and get an idea of which may offer you the most affordable shipping prices.

Try to Move in Cooler Months

Because of school schedules and the ease of moving in warm weather, many people prefer to move during summer months. As a result of that, moving costs are typically higher in these months. To spend less when you move to a new state, it may be a good idea for you to move when it is cooler outside.

Sell Off Some Belongings

Another way you may be able to save money on your inter-state move and make money in the process is to start selling some of your things. For instance, heavy living room furniture may be costly to move to a new state, but if you were thinking of getting new furniture anyway, it might be smart to sell off the pieces. That way, you'll be able to avoid paying to move the furniture and you can use the sale proceeds toward a new collection of furniture in your new home.

With these cost-saving measures, you might be able to spend less money when you are moving to a new state. Contact inter-state moving companies (such as M Dyer & Sons Inc) to determine how they can help you move affordably.