Three Tips For Efficient Short-Term Storage In A Moving Interim

Sometimes you just need a secure place to store your furniture if you are moving our of your old place at the end of the month, but your new one won't be available until the middle or end of the next month. Storage is one of the easiest and least expensive methods of storing your goods until you can move in. If you only plan to have things in storage for a short time before moving them, here are some tips on organizing your storage unit. 

Move from small to large

While you may be tempted to get the larger furniture off the truck and out of the way first, you want to unload the lighter items first. The reason that you want to do this is two fold. With the heavier items in the front of your storage unit, it would be hard for someone to try to quickly access all of your belongings in the event of a break-in. It also offers the easy option of loading the furniture on the truck first when you are moving out of the storage unit. This way your truck is packed appropriately, in an easy manner. 

Ask for a unit close to the entrance

If you know that you will be moving out of your storage unit in under a month, you should ask for a unit that is at the front of the building. This will make loading or unloading and getting out of the building a breeze. Getting in and out of the storage unit without having to make extra maneuvers or use extra mileage on the moving truck makes moving easier. If there are several levels, ask for a ground level room so that you can use a dolly to drag out furniture without having to deal with stairs or an elevator. 

Leave your cleaning and moving equipment in the immediate entrance

For moving, you may be using gloves for gripping items, a dolly, mats to protect the bottom of your car, and more. Leave these in the front of the storage unit so that you can quickly perform the necessary before move prep. Once this is done, you can begin to load all furniture into the truck from heavy furniture to light items. Also, be sure to leave any checkout notes and paperwork on the back wall. This way, once you are completely cleared out, you can finish up your tenancy and move on to your new home. 

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