How To Get Household Appliances Ready For Storage

If you are planning on relocating, you might need to store some of the appliances temporarily. In this case, it is important that you take the proper steps to prepare the appliances so they don't get damaged in the storage unit. Here are some things to be sure you do when storing appliances like refrigerators, washers and dryers, and chest freezers.

Clean the Appliances

Regardless of the type of appliance you are going to store, you need to make sure it is clean first. With a refrigerator or freezer, this means removing all of the food and accessories like ice cube trays and ice packs. You then want to wipe down the inside of the appliance with baking soda and water, making sure you also rinse it clean and let it dry. With appliances like washers and dishwashers, you can clean the inside by running the appliance empty and let the soap clean it out. All appliances need to be cleaned on the outside as well after unplugging it. Make sure any condenser coils and fans, drip pans, and door gaskets are clean and ready to go.

Defrost Refrigerators and Freezer

If you are going to store a refrigerator or chest freezer, make sure it is defrosted before you start to move it to the storage unit. If it is not defrosted, the ice will turn to water while it sits in the storage unit, which then creates mould and a variety of other issues. You can easily defrost these appliances by unplugging them, then waiting for the unit to warm up and dry. Chest freezers might not have an automatic defrosting feature, so unplugging it and letting it sit while empty is often the best choice. After defrosting it, make sure the drains are clear of water, as well as the water and ice unit if there is one.

Store Appliances Upright

All appliances need to be stored standing up while in the self-storage unit. This helps to keep the appliance in proper working order so that when you retrieve it and move it to your new home, it is ready to plug in and use right away. You should also keep the doors of the appliance open at least slightly to allow for proper air circulation. You don't need the doors open wide to let pests in, but you should also not have them closed tightly.

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