Staying Safe When Moving An Upright Piano

If you are giving away an upright piano to one of your friends, you will need to have it safety removed from your home and transported to its new destination. Most people will call a piano moving company to handle the removal and moving of this heavy instrument. If your moving source does not offer this convenience, you will need to undertake the task in getting the unit outside on your own. Here are some steps to follow in safely moving a piano out of your home so your friend can haul it to its new home.

Gather The Right Materials

In order to move a piano effectively, you need to get a hold of a few materials to make the job easier. Rent a hand truck to help when it comes time to push the piano from its current resting place. Piano straps will be needed to secure the unit while moving it as well. Piano covers will be handy in protecting the exterior from any accidental bumps or scrapes during the move.

Wear The Proper Clothing

It is important to watch what clothing you wear when moving a piano to help keep you safe from injury. It is a great idea to wear a pair of sneakers or work boots with steel toes in case you accidentally bump your foot while shuffling along with the bulky piano. Heavy duty gloves will save your fingers and hands from injury. Look for a pair with grippers on the fingers to help you retain a tight grip on the piano as you move it. Wear loose clothing so you can twist your body as needed. 

Prepare For The Moving Process

Before you and your friends lift your piano to a hand truck to move through the home, prepare the route you intend on taking to get the piano outdoors. Move all obstructions out of the way and make sure there are no throw rugs or moisture on the ground as they can cause slipping. Prop the door open so no one needs to fumble to grab a doorknob or handle when you get close to this area. 

Let each person know which path you are taking  when they will be handling the bulk of the weight during the move. It is a good idea to have one person spot the work of the others so they can alert everyone when there is a tricky movement about to begin, which helps everyone prepare for the work ahead.

Guide The Piano Successfully

It is best to have several other people help you when moving an upright piano. Since the back portion is high, it will be quite awkward to maneuver down halls and around corners without extra sets of eyes and hands to guide it properly. It is also a good idea to walk the pathway before moving the piano. You can count how many steps it takes you for each leg of the trip, helping you to estimate when to slow down in anticipation of a turn or doorway. Contact a piano mover, like Extreme Piano Moving, for more help.